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Boat Insurance

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When you get a quote from the Valento Insurance Agency, you’re actually getting a comparison of quotes from up to 30 top boat insurance companies. Save yourself the time and hassle of comparison shopping for insurance – we’ll do it for you!

Boat Insurance Coverage


Covers you for the cost of damages and injuries caused to another person when you’re at fault.

Comprehensive & Collision

Both cover damage to your boat but from different causes. Comprehensive covers things like weather & vandalism, while collision covers accidents with a moving object or while in motion.

Medical Payments

It covers your medical costs for passengers.

Fishing Equipment

Covers your fishing equipment on the boat when lost, stolen, or destroyed.

On-Water Towing

Provides assistance if your boat is disabled on the water.

Wreck Removal

Pays to have your boat removed from a body of water if it sinks, when required by law.

And More

Coverage can be customized to fit your needs.

Boat Insurance Information

Why do you need to insure your boat?

It’s really all about protecting yourself financially.

  • If you hurt another boater or swimmer, you could be sued for medical expenses, which can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • If you hit a dock or underwater rock, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage.
  • If you have a loan on your boat, the bank will likely require physical damage insurance.
  • Weather can cause a lot of damage to a boat docked on a river or lake.

Is watercraft insurance required by law?

As of August 2021, watercraft liability insurance is not required by law in Minnesota. If you have a loan on the boat, your lender will likely require physical damage insurance. Regardless of the law, it’s a good idea to have coverage on your boat, especially on motorized watercraft.


Watercraft We Insure

  • Bass Boats
  • Bowriders
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Deck Boats
  • Fish & Ski Boats
  • Jet Boats
  • Pontoons
  • Sailboats
  • Wake Boats
  • Waverunners & Jetskis
  • Yachts
  • And More

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