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Health Insurance

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When you get a quote from the Valento Insurance Agency, you’re actually getting a comparison of quotes from several top insurance companies. Save yourself the time and hassle of comparison shopping for insurance – we’ll do it for you!

Medical Insurance Coverage

Major Medical Insurance

Provides coverage for a broad range of coverage for inpatient and outpatient services, like doctor visits, and urgent care. 

Prescription Coverage

Pays for a portion of your prescription drug costs.

Dental Coverage

Provides coverage for dental exams and procedures.

Vision Coverage

Provides coverage for vision exams, procedures, and eyewear.

Short Term Health

Like major medical but for finite time frame. Short term health is used if you need to bridge coverage until open enrollment.

Disability Insurance

Pays you a percentage of your wage if you are disabled and unable to continue working.

And More

Health Insurance Information


The terms you’ll find in your health insurance can be confusing. Here are some common terms you’ll find.

  • Co-Pay: This is a set amount you must pay for services provided. For example, office visits to your doctor may have a $50 co-pay. You’d be required to pay $50 and the rest of the bill would be covered by insurance.
  • Co-Insurance: This is a percentage you’ll be required to pay for services provided. If you have an 20% co-pay and a $1,000 bill, you’d be responsible for paying $200 and the remainder would be covered by insurance.
  • Deductible: A set amount that you’re required to pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. A $1,000 deductible means you would need to cover the first $1,000 of a medical bill in a given policy term.

Questions to ask your agent

Laws surrounding health insurance have been changing a lot lately, so it can be difficult to know what is required of you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Do I qualify to purchase health insurance or do I need to wait until open enrollment?
    • There are several life events that qualify you to purchase insurance any time of year. If you haven’t experienced one of these events, you’ll need to wait until open enrollment (typically around December).
  • Do I qualify for a subsidy with MNSure? Check out their website first and if you do qualify, you should enroll in coverage with MNSure.
  • How does my insurance cover emergency visits vs. office visits? There is often a huge cost difference to you depending on the type of medical care received.

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