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Umbrella Insurance

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Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Increased Liability Limits

Additional liability coverage that kicks in when your underlying policy has met its limit of coverage. An umbrella can extend coverage on auto liability, personal liability, watercraft liability, landlord liability, and more.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist

Additional UM/UIM coverage when your auto policy coverage is exhausted. UM/UIM covers what you’d normally receive from another driver’s liability insurance, when they have no insurance or not enough insurance.

Personal Injury Coverage

Covers you against claims of libel or slander.

Worldwide Coverage

Covers incidents that happen while you are traveling in another country.

And More

Umbrella Insurance Information

How does an umbrella policy work?

Umbrella policies work in conjunction with your other insurance policies to provide more liability protection beyond what the underlying policies can offer.

Say you’ve got $500,000 in coverage on your auto policy and you receive a judgment for $1,000,000. Your auto policy will pay it’s limit of $500,000. What about the rest? An umbrella policy will pick up where your auto policy stops and pay the remainder of the bill.

One umbrella policy will extend coverage not only on your auto insurance, but your home(s), toys, and more. You might be surprised how affordable it is to add an extra $1 or $2 Million in liability coverage to your insurance plan.

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